Friday, February 03, 2023
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Here at Nerida Hansen Fabrics we have combined our two loves – design and textiles. We are not your typical business. Our aim is to support independent surface art designers, pulsate unique artworks onto ethically printed, quality fabrics and provide our own brand of easy-to-sew patterns. Some of the imagery on our fabrics are iconic and subtle and other times they are vibrant and quirky. Paying the artists royalties and showcasing these exclusive designs is what sets us aside from others! We are passionate and committed to running a transparent business with minimal waste, embracing more sustainable practices and lessening our harm of the planet. Our fashion fabrics and designs are carefully curated with a focus on longevity, not what is on trend and we want them to last from season to season. With that in mind we will continue to collaborate with like-minded artists, makers and companies. We celebrate our sewing communities and support movements such as #stayhomeandsew and #memade. Sewing not only fuels creativity but it also improves your mental wellbeing, self-control and patience. It is rewarding to complete a project made by your own hands and share the results with others. Remember to tag us as we relish in seeing your finished works. It is our goal to enhance your sewing experience, no matter where you are in the world. About Nerida The mastermind behind the fabric empire is Nerida Hansen herself and she is blowing minds within the design industry. Nerida first embarked on a career in textiles in 2008 with her own sporting label for men and women. Followed by a two-year stint as a junior buyer of licensed bedding for a major retailer. In this role she was introduced to manufacturers in South Korea and India and as a result unleashed her passion for fabrics and design. It was during this time that she pitched her idea to support independent artists and designers to a major retailer, but they were not interested. Believing in herself and her vision, Nerida left her job and started representing independent artists. She turned her dream into a reality and launched her first collection of digitally printed fabrics back in 2017. Nerida Hansen Fabrics was born and it was a sell out! That does not mean it was an overnight success. Slowly, Nerida has built her team of designers, some are longstanding whilst others are fresh and up and coming. Fast-forward to today where she is at the top her game in the textiles market and building a stand-alone business. Nerida continues to work closely with local and international illustrators and surface art designers to support, license and represent, whilst ensuring they are the right fit and look for her brand. Nerida is one heck of a savvy businesswoman, who knows what she wants and puts her heart and soul into her work. Her integrity and commitment to her brand and her team is inspiring. She makes you feel like you can take on the world – she is!