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Valvoline Full Synthetic Oil Change Price: 2023 Updated List

Valvoline Oil Change Prices

We all know the importance of changing engine oil frequently for better overall vehicle performance.  There are many auto services that provide oil changes. However, Valvoline is one of the famous options known for offering top-notch products and services. Not only that, but they also provide Valvoline Oil Change Coupons to make the experience more cost-effective.

But do you know how much an oil change at Valvoline will cost you? Or which type of oil is more expensive? When it's time for an oil change, understanding the pricing structure is crucial.  Well, don't worry! In this article, we'll explore the Valvoline oil change price list and some information about it. 

How Much for Valvoline Oil Change 

Valvoline typically charges between $39.99 and $89.99 for an oil change service. This range covers the basic cost. However, it's important to know that the exact price that you will have to pay depends on the type of motor oil you choose. Valvoline offers different motor oils, each with its own price. So, you have the flexibility to select an oil that suits your vehicle and budget. 

While Valvoline has a general pricing structure, you might find that rates can vary slightly at different locations. The price could depend on the location you pick and even on the Valvoline coupon code for oil change. Also, some vehicles require more oil than others. If your car needs additional quarts of oil beyond what's included in the standard service, you might need to pay some extra charges. To get the exact cost of an oil change for your vehicle, the best thing to do is visit your nearest Valvoline service center. They can provide you with a personalized quote based on your specific car and its requirements.

Curious About Valvoline's Motor Oil Change Choices And Their Prices? Let's Dive In!

Valvoline offers a variety of high-quality oils. These options allow you to select the one that best matches your vehicle's requirements, helping ensure your vehicle runs smoothly. Here are the motor oil options and their associated oil change prices you can choose from:


Valvoline offers conventional oil changes that are designed to protect your engine during your everyday drives. The cost for a 5-quart Valvoline oil change with conventional oil is $39.99, which is an affordable option. This means you can rely on Valvoline to maintain your engine's performance without exceeding your budget. 

MaxLife Synthetic Blend

MaxLife Synthetic Blend oil is a fantastic choice for those who want advanced engine protection without breaking the bank. It offers a great balance of performance and affordability. You can get a 5-quart oil change for only $59.99. This synthetic blend is specially formulated to combat common issues like leaks, sludge, deposits, and friction, providing your engine with the care it needs. 

NextGen MaxLife

NextGen MaxLife is an eco-friendly oil option. It offers excellent engine protection, similar to MaxLife Synthetic Blend. It costs $59.99 for a 5-quart oil change, which is a wallet-friendly way to keep your engine in good shape. What sets NextGen MaxLife apart is that it's made with 50% recycled oil. This makes it an environmentally conscious option while still providing excellent engine protection. 

Full Synthetic MaxLife

The Full Synthetic MaxLife oil change at Valvoline is available at a price of $79.99. This motor oil is an ideal choice for vehicles with high mileage. It provides added protection and significantly extends the lifespan of older engines. While it might seem a bit expensive, you can take advantage of the $19.99 valvoline oil change coupon to get a discount. 

Premium Blue

Valvoline Premium Blue is a high-quality engine oil specifically created for diesel engines and heavy-duty uses. And it's available at a price of $59.99.  What makes it stand out is its ability to provide advanced protection for your engine. So, if you have a diesel-powered vehicle, this Valvoline Premium Blue package is a smart choice. It helps ensure that your engine stays in great shape.

Premium Blue Extreme

This oil is the go-to choice for heavy-duty diesel and gasoline engines operating in harsh conditions. An oil change with this Premium Blue Extreme typically costs around $79.99, though prices may vary slightly. This not only ensures top-notch performance but also offers advanced fuel economy while providing excellent protection for your engine.

How Much Do I Need To Pay For Extra Oil At Valvoline

When you get an oil change at Valvoline, the cost of extra oil can vary. Valvoline usually includes 5 quarts of oil in their standard package, and it's considered enough for most of the vehicles. But, if your car needs more than that, they will charge you extra for each additional quart. And the amount will be determined by the specific oil type you select. So, it's essential to know your vehicle's oil needs so that you can plan your  budget accordingly. Here's the pricing for each extra quart of oil at Valvoline.

  • Valvoline Conventional Oil is available for $4.99 per quart.
  • You can get MaxLife Synthetic Blend oil for $6.99 per quart.
  • NextGen MaxLife oil also comes at a price of $6.99 per quart.
  • If you prefer Full Synthetic MaxLife oil, it's $8.99 per quart.
  • Premium Blue oil is priced at $6.99 per quart.
  • Premium Blue Extreme oil is also $8.99 per quart.

What Additional Services Are Provided When Getting An Oil Change At Valvoline

Valvoline not only offers a competitive price range but also provides high-quality services during an oil change. This helps ensure the functionality and smooth operation of your vehicle. Here are some common services that they offer: 

Air Filter Replacement

Valvoline Instant Oil Change offers a service to boost your car's engine performance by replacing your air filter. Every time you get a full-service oil change, they'll check your air filter for free and can also replace your cabin air filter if it needs it. It's all about making your car run better and keeping you comfortable!

Auto Air Conditioning Services

Valvoline offers a convenient solution to keep your vehicle's air conditioning running smoothly. They provide truck, car, and SUV air conditioning recharge services at their Valvoline Instant Oil Change centers. This service aims to maintain your vehicle's cooling capabilities and enhance your overall driving comfort.

Battery Replacement And Testing Services 

Valvoline offers battery check and replacement services at their Instant Oil Change centers. These services help prevent unexpected starting issues. Their certified technicians handle this service, and it typically takes a few minutes.  This service ensures the reliability of your vehicle's battery, reducing the risk of failed starts and enhancing your driving experience.

Fuel System Injection And Cleaning 

Valvoline provides services that can make your car run better. These services are for cleaning your car's fuel system and fuel injection. When these systems are clean, your car can accelerate more smoothly and have a smoother idle. Their certified experts perform this task, and it doesn't take much longer than getting an oil change.

Tire Rotation

Valvoline offers tire rotation services to enhance your car's handling and traction. Auto manufacturers often suggest rotating tires regularly. You can find specific recommendations in your car's owner's manual. And, if you're unsure, Valvoline provides free consultations to help you determine if it's time for a tire rotation. This service helps extend the life of your tires and keeps your vehicle running smoothly.

Transmission Service

Valvoline offers transmission fluid replacement services to ensure your gears shift smoothly. This service is crucial for maintaining your vehicle's performance and reliability. You can easily locate a Valvoline transmission service center near you.

Radiators And Cooling Systems

At Valvoline Instant Oil Change, they offer this service to safeguard your engine against overheating and freezing. This service is a crucial aspect of maintaining your vehicle's temperature control system, ensuring your engine runs smoothly.  It's important to note that many car manufacturers recommend a regular coolant fluid replacement schedule, which you can find in your owner's manual.

Some Of The Best Valvoline Discounts And How To Access Them

While Valvoline already provides competitive pricing for its services, there are additional ways to maximize your savings. Here are some of the top Valvoline discounts available and how you can easily access them. 

  • Valvoline Oil Change Coupons: When it comes to saving on your automotive needs, Valvoline Oil Change Coupons are your ticket to extra discounts. Valvoline understands the importance of affordability, which is why they offer coupons that can be applied to a range of their services and products.  You can easily access these valuable coupons on, where you'll find various options to suit your needs. 
  • Save $7 on Valvoline: You can get $7 off when you do an oil change at Valvoline with this coupon. It works for synthetic or synthetic blend oil. And you can easily get this coupon from the official website of Valvoline. 
  • Get $5 Off: You can get $5 off the regular price when you go to a Valvoline service center for a conventional oil change. Be sure to check the terms and conditions of the coupon for any specific requirements or expiration dates.
  • Valvoline 19.99 Oil Change Coupon Code: The 19.99 Valvoline Oil Change Coupon Code typically provides a reduced rate for a basic oil change service at Valvoline. However, it's essential to read the terms and conditions associated with this. 

When Should I Replace My Engine Oil

The frequency of replacing your engine oil depends on factors such as your vehicle's model and the type of engine oil you use. In the past, vehicles needed an oil change every 5,000 km or about every 3 months for a daily commute of 50 km. Nowadays, because of better engine oil and car technology, most cars can go for about 10,000 kilometers or around 6 months before needing an oil change. This means you don't have to change your oil as often as you used to, which is more convenient and environmentally friendly. However, it's still essential to follow your car's manual or the manufacturer's recommendations to make sure you're taking care of your engine properly.

Why Should I Choose Valvoline

  • Valvoline's expert technicians go through a special training program that lasts for 270 hours. This training program is officially recognized and certified by ASE, which ensures they are highly skilled and knowledgeable.
  • At Valvoline, they frequently offer maintenance services at prices that are 30% to 50% lower than what you'd typically find at dealerships. 
  • Valvoline proudly completes a comprehensive oil change, along with a free 18-point maintenance check, in just around 15 minutes. They prioritize both speed and thorough service to keep your vehicle running smoothly.
  • Valvoline makes sure to pay attention to what the car manufacturer suggests for your specific vehicle. This means they listen to the experts to make sure they're taking the best care of it.
  • Valvoline has an extensive network of over 1,700 locations. This means you can easily find a nearby Valvoline service center. 


Valvoline is a great option for an instant oil change, starting at only $39.99. Plus, they go beyond oil changes, offering services like air filter replacements and battery checks to keep your car in excellent condition. Valvoline is widely available at more than 1,700 locations, making it extremely convenient to find. Plus, they often have discounts and coupons to save you even more money. Whether it's a quick oil change or other car maintenance, Valvoline is both easy on your wallet and good for your vehicle.

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