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How Much Does A Full Synthetic Oil Change At Take 5 Price In 2023

Take 5 Oil Change Prices

Oil changing is one of the essential tasks to maintain your car in top-notch condition. By scheduling regular oil changes, you can not only keep your car in good condition but also save yourself from major inconveniences. While scheduling regular changes can be a bit costly, you still have the opportunity to obtain a Take 5 Oil Change Coupon and get a discount to reduce the cost. However, to set your budget, it's important that you know the cost of an oil change and what factors can affect it. 

You might be wondering about the price of a Full Synthetic Oil Change at Take 5 and how this differs from a traditional oil change. To answer all your questions, we will be discussing various aspects of oil changes, including costs, benefits of Full Synthetic Oil Change at Take 5, their services, and much more, so you have all the necessary details you need. 

What Is The Price Of A Full Synthetic Oil Change At Take 5?

At Take 5 Oil Change, their full synthetic oil change service is competitively priced at just $79.99. This budget-friendly option includes premium full synthetic motor oil and a replacement of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) filter. 

For $79.99, you not only receive expert service but also high-quality synthetic oil that offers superior engine protection. This specialized oil reduces friction, heat, and wear, enhancing your engine's lifespan and efficiency. Plus, the replacement of the OEM filter ensures that your engine remains free from contaminants, maintaining its performance. However, this price can change based on a few things, but don't worry, we'll explain all of that in detail. 

What Are The Prices For Take 5 Oil Change Services In 2023?

At Take 5, you have various oil change options to choose from, with prices typically ranging between $5.97 and $9.97 per quart of oil. This variety ensures there's something for every budget. It's worth mentioning that prices may vary based on factors like location and discounts, such as the Take 5 Oil Change Coupon 50 Off. Here's a breakdown of the prices per quart to help you make an informed decision.

  • The price for Edge oil change at Take 5 is $8.97 per quart.
  • Synthetic oil change at Take 5 costs $7.97 per quart.
  • Mobil 1 oil change is available at $9.97 per quart.
  • High Mileage oil change at Take 5 is offered at $6.97 per quart.
  • Conventional Change Oil at Take 5 is priced at $5.97 per quart.

How Much Does A 5-quart Oil Change Cost? 

For a 5-quart oil change, prices usually start at $41.93. However, the final cost can vary depending on the type of oil you choose and any extra services included. Take a look at the price list for a 5-quart oil change: 

  • The cost for a 5-quart Castrol Edge synthetic oil change is $76.93.
  • The price for a 5-quart Castrol Edge Extended Performance synthetic oil change is $84.99.
  • Take 5 offers a 5-quart Castrol GTX Ultra Clean oil change service for $41.93.
  • Take 5 provides a 5-quart Castrol GTX Magnatec Blend oil change service for $58.93.
  • You can get a 5-quart Castrol GTX High Mileage oil change for $56.93.
  • Take 5 offers a 5 Minute Conventional oil change for $41.90.

Advantages Of Synthetic Oil Change 

  • Synthetic oil uses special oils made from specific chemicals in petroleum. These chemicals are transformed to create uniform synthetic oils. This uniformity ensures smooth engine lubrication, making your car work better and use less power. Switching to synthetic oil changes helps your engine perform well and use fuel more efficiently, reducing wear on your vehicle.
  • Choosing synthetic oil might seem pricier at first, but it lasts much longer than regular oil. This means you'll save money in the long term because you won't have to buy oil changes as frequently. Also, you can get your hands on a Take 5 Oil Coupon to save even more. So, in the end, using synthetic oil can be a smart and cost-effective choice.
  • Synthetic oil provides better lubrication for your engine, reducing friction and allowing your car to run more smoothly. When your engine runs smoothly, it doesn't have to work hard to cover the distance. As a result, your car burns less fuel, which means you won't have to refuel as frequently.
  • Synthetic oil is more heat-resistant, so it doesn't break down as quickly at high temperatures. This durability ensures better protection for your engine, potentially extending its lifespan and reducing the risk of costly repairs.
  • Using synthetic oil not only benefits your engine but also contributes to a cleaner environment by reducing harmful emissions.

Which Services Does "Take 5" Provide?

Take 5 is known for fast oil changes and offers a variety of services. This means you can get all your car needs met in one place. Let's explore some of the services Take 5 provides.

Oil Changes

At Take 5, you can expect a seamless oil change experience. Their skilled technicians will replace your old engine oil with high-quality options, including Regular, Semi-Synthetic, and Full Synthetic oils. Among their services, the most popular one is the Stay-in-Your-Car oil change, where you can remain comfortably seated inside your vehicle while they efficiently handle the process. This convenient approach reflects Take 5's commitment to providing quick and hassle-free services to its customers.

Vehicle Inspection

At Take 5 Oil Change, you can expect a thorough inspection of your vehicle. Their experienced technicians check essential fluid levels and various components, such as engine coolant, headlights, serpentine belts, exhaust systems, taillights, and more. This comprehensive inspection ensures your car is in optimal condition, offering you peace of mind on the road.

Cabin Air Filter

This essential service focuses on enhancing your driving experience by thoroughly cleaning the air in your vehicle's passenger compartment. Their technicians expertly remove pollutants, pollen, and debris from the air you breathe. With their Cabin Air Filter Replacement service, you can enjoy fresher air. This ensures a healthier and more pleasant environment inside your car.

Coolant Services

At Take 5, they offer coolant services to keep your car running smoothly. This service involves replacing the engine coolant, which is essential to prevent your engine from overheating. When they replace the coolant, it not only prevents overheating but also helps in rejuvenating seals, ensuring there are no leaks in your engine.

Engine Air Filter Replacement

The engine air filter acts as a protective barrier that stops dirt and harmful particles from getting inside your engine. When they replace this filter, it ensures that your engine breathes in clean air, and when your engine gets clean air, it works better and uses fuel more efficiently.

Transmission Service 

At Take 5, their Transmission Service helps you to keep your car running smoothly. They clean the transmission fluid, making sure it lubricates the moving parts well. This helps prevent wear and overheating, keeping your car reliable. 

What Factors Impact The Cost Of An Oil Change?

  • Oil change costs can also be influenced by your car's model and manufacturer. Regular maintenance helps, but older engines need more oil, which can raise the prices. 
  • The cost of an oil change depends on how you drive. Driving conditions lead to more frequent visits to the oil change service because they make the engine work harder and burn oil quickly.
  • Oil change prices can be varied in different locations. Different states have different rates, and additional services can increase costs.
  • The cost of an oil change depends on the type of oil you choose. Traditional oil is the cheapest, synthetic oil is better but pricier, and there are different prices for blend and pure synthetic oils.

How Does Conventional Oil Differ From Synthetic Oil?

Both conventional and synthetic oils are used in cars, but they come from different sources and have distinct qualities. Conventional oil is made from natural crude oil and is less processed, which makes it budget-friendly. However, it may not perform as well under extreme conditions and might require more frequent changes. 

Synthetic oil, on the other hand, is specially created in labs, giving it a uniform structure that offers excellent engine protection. It works better in hot and cold weather, ensuring a smoother and more reliable engine performance. While synthetic oil is a bit more expensive, it lasts longer and can save money in the long run by reducing engine wear and the need for frequent oil changes.

Is Synthetic Oil Better Than Conventional Oil?

  • Conventional oil is generally cheaper than synthetic oil, making it a more budget-friendly option for regular oil changes. Synthetic oil, on the other hand, costs more but offers better long-term engine protection.
  • Synthetic oil has a longer lifespan and can usually go for more miles between oil changes compared to conventional oil. Alternatively, conventional oil requires more frequent changes, which can be inconvenient for some drivers.
  • Synthetic oil provides superior engine protection due to its advanced formulation. In contrast, conventional oil provides basic protection and may not be as effective in preventing engine wear over the long term.
  • Conventional oil is compatible with most older car engines. If your vehicle has been using conventional oil for a long time, it might not benefit significantly from switching to synthetic oil. Synthetic oil, however, is designed for modern engines and may not be necessary for older vehicles with low mileage.
  • Synthetic oil outperforms conventional oil in extreme temperatures. It flows better in cold weather and maintains stability at high temperatures, ensuring optimal engine performance. Conventional oil may struggle in extreme conditions, leading to poor engine protection.

Bottom Line

Take 5 Oil Change offers Full Synthetic Oil Change for $79.99, but the total price depends on various factors such as your vehicle type and location. Although it costs more than regular oil changes, using full synthetic oil ensures much better engine protection and fuel efficiency. Also, they offer efficient services such as oil changes, inspections, and coolant services. Moreover, they offer a Take 5 Oil Coupon to enjoy further discounts on essential services. What sets them apart is their quick oil change services, which help to save you valuable time. By choosing Take 5, you can experience reliable and efficient car care without compromising on quality, all at an affordable price point.

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