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Women’s Day 2022 - Ways to Celebrate it with Your Team

Women’s Day 2022 - Ways to Celebrate it with Your Team

Very soon throughout the world, women realized that the vote alone was not enough to guarantee full and equal participation in society. Women have always felt great pressure and the global pandemic made it worse. The whole world was under the influence of lockdown, and people were forced to work from home.

Pandemic hit the women hardest as many women especially those working in semi routine and routine jobs lost their work. There were very few job opportunities for women. Although things are back to normal a bit, that difference in support between men and women still exists.

What makes women make efforts continuously after all the odds in society? It is the people around them that help keeps them going. Words of appreciation from your mentor, support from family, and even big brands promoting Women’s Day online deals encourage them to keep up their hard work.

Theme For This Year’s Women’s Day

Every year amazon's women's day discounts make this day more special for women and let them buy anything they want with 40% off deals. Amazon online stores introduced #choose to challenge shirts for women at a sale to let every woman buy it and keep it as a souvenir.

This year’s international women’s day campaign theme is #BreaktheBias. Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow theme is looking to encourage and promote the contributions of women and girls who are trying to build a more sustainable future.

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Why You Should Be Celebrating This Day?

International women's day is celebrated all over the world to appreciate women for their hard work and the challenges they face in their daily lives.  Women today have climbed the corporate ladder too and are playing an important role in cultural, political, and economical spheres.

Still, there are women who are unaware of the contributions they make and the opportunities available for them to achieve a lot of success in life. Celebrating this day is important to ensure women that their efforts and contributions are acknowledged.

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Here Are Some Reasons Why You Should Be Celebrating This Day Every Year

  • Women are selfless beings. This day is celebrated to give them regard for all the efforts and challenges they deal with without expecting anything in return. Gone are the days when women use to be stay-at-home wives. Today, they are a mother and an entrepreneur. Dedicating them a day by presenting them with an amazon gift card code to greet them and make them feel special.
  • Women are bold and stronger than men in all circumstances. They have been fighting for equality for years. They tend to balance their home and work perfectly by not underestimating their strengths. The least you can do is celebrate a day solely for appreciating and showing them support. To make them know that you care about them.
  • No matter what you are going through, women know how to cheer you up. Women's day is celebrated in companies and in gatherings grandly to pay them regard for their love, care, patience, affection, and efforts. If you have never paid much heed to this day, then what are you waiting for?

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Impressive Ideas to help you celebrate Women’s Day with your team

As of now, you’ve understood the significance of celebrating women’s day, we have jotted down some impressive ideas for you to celebrate this day with your amazing teammates by appreciating them for being women in this tough day and age.

#1 Start This Day with Virtual Coffee Morning

Women's day is a great day to raise awareness against the bias that surrounds women and celebrate their achievements openly. What's better than beginning this through a virtual coffee meeting? A simple conversation over a cup of coffee virtually is the best way to learn and get amazing advice from other women.

Ask the leaders and teams to join you for a coffee meeting through Zoom or Google teams. Here you can lead valuable discussions, share experiences, motivate your subordinates to achieve their dreams, and how you can overcome bias. This can help you to come up with ideas that break up the bias.

#2 Get Your Whole Staff Involved In # Photo Challenge

As you know, this year's theme of women's day is breaking the bias with the following statement shared on the official IWD website:

“Individually, we're all responsible for our own thoughts and actions - all day, every day.
We can break the bias in our communities.
We can break the bias in our workplaces.
We can break the bias in our schools, colleges, and universities.
Together, we can all break the bias - on International Women's Day (IWD) and beyond.”

To encourage and commit other people to become a part of this campaign and help in forging an inclusive world, your team can strike IWD 2022 pose with #breakthebias and share the image on social media.

This is a great opportunity for your company to get on board, take photos with your staff and submit it to IWD 2022 to get featured on their global social media channels.

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#3 Let your female team members avail the Women’s Day Sale

Women never settle for less whether its work or getting dolled up. On international women’s day sale a lot of brands and stores honor the women in a different way. As women love to shop, then what’s the best way to make their day? Allowing them to avail the women’s day sale and shop from their favorite store.

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#4 A Refreshing Lunch for Your Teammates

Catching up with your colleagues on lunch is a great way to bond with people away from work. So why not take this opportunity and sit with your team to relax? Book a good restaurant for your team. Sit together and catch up with everyone. Share stories, experiences, perceptions, ideas. Ask them about inspirational women they look up to?

Set up a speech session where you can thank your female employees for everything they have done and encourage them to work in the future with the same spirit. After all, it's the small steps that can help in achieving a bigger push for gender equality in the workplace.

#5 Showing Support to Women Entrepreneurs

You can empower other women by supporting their small businesses and purchasing products and services they are offering. Use amazon's women's day discounts to gift these women entrepreneurs a gift as a token of appreciation.

#6 Arrange an Online Learning session

This global pandemic has turned everything upside down for people. From business operations to meeting everything is being arranged virtually. So, following the safety measures and current situation, you can arrange an online session for your employees to celebrate this day with your team.

Hosting an online learning session will help spread awareness about this day and its theme. This will help in breaking the bias, show people the importance of women in business. Show female team members that they are appreciated and acknowledged. Organizing an online learning session will encourage other women to speak up and become a part of the conversation but aren't sure where, to begin with.

#7 Create videos to appreciate each other

Workload, meeting, and your personal responsibilities never let you pay attention to the people around you and appreciate them for who they are. Gather your whole team in one place and create a thank you video where your teammates are free to say whatever they feel like.

It is a more exciting and personal way than just sending a formal email to your female employees. This will make them feel like a part of their family. Creating an environment that supports women and are willing to change is a positive step in this day.

#8 Share Uplifting Quotes with Your Colleagues

There are often things that are left unsaid. Especially this word Thank you. A small thank you note can have a huge impact on others. It can uplift someone's day.  So, arrange a small sitting in a relaxing corner of your office and gather everyone. Ask them to write or share uplifting quotes to show them that you know the importance of this day.

Either you can send these quotes with a small thank you card for celebrating this day in a simple way or can grab women's day shopping coupons to share with your team to buy whatever they want.

#9 Wear Purple

There are many online stores that have already launched their women's day shopping deals. So, check out our site for Zaful Promo Codes and buy a purple dress to wear on this day. Ask your teammates to wear something purple too as this color symbolizes women's day.

Womens Day Pictures | Download Free Images on Unsplash

Purple shows integrity, power, dignity, equality, and power.  Wearing purple is a great way to show your support for this event and it will also take a good photo of your team to show others how you are breaking bias and treating your female employees. So, wear a purple shirt or dress you like are tie a ribbon to show your support. You can share those pictures on your social media page as well. 

#10 Donate Funds Raised for Women in Underprivileged Areas

There is a lot you can do for yourself and your team to celebrate this day. But think about those women in underprivileged areas who are living with difficulties. Try to include them in your celebrations too. You can become stronger by helping other women to achieve their dreams.

Raise funds, be a part of charities that are working for the poverty and education of women living in smaller areas. To make this day more meaningful, give money to spread a smile on others' faces. If you plan to hold an event to raise more funds, it could be a great way to surefire more funds.  

Old navy launches project on women day to fund the youth art activities. Buy their purple Tee designed for this special day using Old Navy Coupons to save on your whole bill. 

#12 Sending Women’s Day shopping codes

Give your team a small gift at the end of the day. As women love shopping so the best gift is to share a women’s day shopping discount code to let them shop whatever they like at a low price from their favorite brand.

Amazon can never miss this epic event. They offer 40% on their furniture collection, accessories, gadgets. Send Amazon’s Women day Coupons to your team listed on our site and let them enjoy women’s day shenanigans. 

Wrapping up

Make use of this information and celebrate this day with greater excitement. Aim to bring a change in society with your little efforts. Keep the celebrations classic, check our site, scroll through different deals if you are planning to give discounted coupons to your team.
So, make this upcoming women’s day special for your team! Wishing you a happy international women's day 2022.


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