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Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day


Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on an account of giving thanks to God for the success that is the return of their sacrifices or the efforts made for the harvest. It is basically a day dedicated to thanks to God, friends and families for all the support, achievements and blessings.


The first Thanksgiving Day was celebrated in 1621 by the American Pilgrims after the harvest. It lasted for 3 days. Different places have different history and concept behind celebrating this day. In some countries it had started after the victory of war or after the end of drought. Some countries take this day as a way of expressing their gratitude towards their success and blessings.

In 1863, President Abraham Lincoln, declared this day as a national day in the middle of the American Civil War. From then onwards it is being celebrated in different parts of the world on different dates and for different reasons.


It is celebrated in different countries on different dates. United States, Canada, Brazil, Liberia, Norfolk Island, Grenada and different states of this territory celebrate this day on different dates. Some of the prominent countries with their days of celebration are as follows:

In United States and Brazil, it was celebrated on the last Thursday of the November but later at the time of George Washington it was fixed as the fourth Thursday of the November.

In Canada, it is celebrated on the second Monday of the October

In Liberia, it is observed on the first Thursday of November.

In Norfolk Island, it is celebrated on the last Wednesday of the November.


The day started with the Parade which is broadcasted live on Television screen or even you can go to see it live on that spot.

There is also a tradition of releasing a Turkey on this day as a token of thanks.

Usually it's an off day or the half day so all the family members are at home.

Then comes the most amazing part of the day "Cooking". It almost takes the whole day to cook special traditional foods including Stuffed turkey, Pumpkin pie, Mashed potatoes, Cranberry juices etc. These all preparations are for the dinner gathering. Friends, families and guests are invited to enjoy the meal. The center of attraction of this dinner party is the Stuffed Turkey usually served at the center of the table.

There is also a tradition of conducting religious gathering this day. Remembering the ancestors and their sacrifices. Paying tribute to their heroes. And thanking God for all the blessings and good time.

The celebrations are not stopped here even it goes to next day or even the whole week. Black Friday with lots of discounts, offers and sale is celebrated to do shopping and present gifts to your friends and family. Some countries or states also celebrate Cyber Monday for the lazy people who love doing shopping online.

Thanksgiving Day has no fixed date or the fixed reason behind it. It is just a day to express your feeling of gratitude to your loved ones.

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