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New Year Eve Celebrations Ideas In COVID-19 Pandemic

New Year Eve Celebrations Ideas In COVID-19 Pandemic

We are all kind of glad to say goodbye to 2020. This year the world is facing the COVID-19 pandemic and the rules, regulations, and traditions all are now different from past years and not the same as we use to celebrate our occasions. The question is whether New Year's revelers will adhere to the pandemic rules of 2020?

You know we have taken great care to ensure that all the rules of social distancing, hygiene, mask-wearing, avoiding outdoor activities, and gathering should be followed properly. This time the New Year is not like that it use to be like previous years. We are not allowed to go out and have parties and gatherings this year. But do not worry, no need to be sad. We are here to give you some NEW YEAR EVE CELEBRATIONS IDEAS with a little twist and make this as memorable as your other new year gatherings use to be.

Here are a few ideas to make this New Year not as sad and dull as 2020 has made us all.

A Social Distancing Followed Dinner

If you are still planning to have your this New Year celebration in any hotel or restaurant so must look for a place where all tables are six feet apart, using extra special disinfection techniques, limited seating at tables, hand sanitizers stations, and masks should be required. Be very careful if you are in a state where this pandemic is a bit in control then only opt for this option otherwise a big no to this idea.

Arrange Virtual Gatherings

The best idea could be this year is to arrange a virtual party. Get dress up, cook food, and celebrate it with your friends and family through Zoom or some other application. Do not go to parties because most of these parties pop up in unsafe or hazardous areas do not go into such places at the risk of your life.

Get Dress Up

Yes!!! You read the right. Dress up and get ready as you use to be and make your family also motivated and have a blast at your home. This time have fun and celebrations at home and enjoy with your siblings, parents, or even grandparents. Have a different New Year this time.

Send Gifts with a Letter

You can make this New Year's eve memorable by sending gifts to your loved ones and can add a handwritten letter to express your love to them. Let them know that you are missing them on this occasion unfortunately unable to meet but still care about them.

Celebrate At Home with Family

There are many ways to have a social gathering of the right amount in your home. House parties that have 100 people are not acceptable. You can simply have this New Year's Eve celebration at home with your family. Now, this seems interesting because we usually celebrate it with our friends and neglect our parents and our family. This year you got the chance to have fun with your family and make this moment happier and memorable.

Have a Video Call

Missing your friends?? Or the family member who is far away?

Make a call or video call. Talking to your loved ones is therapy itself. Do not sit on the couch and get sad just talk to them and have a peaceful night.

Make Lavish Dinner with Yummy Dessert

Eating, A mindful eating with a yummy dessert. It makes your day. So have a table full of your and your families' favorite food with a tasty and delicious dessert. This is already going to make your night a wonderful night. Enjoy your meal and celebrate this year differently.

Hopefully this could add a little happiness to your life. Stay safe and pray for the world to heal soon.

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