Tuesday, June 06, 2023

Stay Fit And Healthy With Your Age

Stay Fit And Healthy With Your Age

We are here in the 21st of century where life has become so fast, busy and haphazard. World is moving more towards new technologies and inventions. But when it comes to health and fitness we need not to forget our basic lifestyle for health. As it is said that "Health is Wealth" so we can acknowledge this wealth by just following some basic steps and make them part of our lives.

If you are someone who is in search for the tips of the better health than believe me you will be surprised and will thank me later. So let's start from the basic ones.


What you eat, comes on your face. It's not just about looks it all about your internal organs and their functionality too. So be careful what you eat and when you eat.

Have lots of vegetables, fruits, nuts, dairy, white meat and red meat. But be careful that your diet should be the combination of all. Opting one or two option or going for fruits only or meat is not going to work for a healthy body. A healthy and fit body needs a balanced diet with all the things included into it.

For a balanced diet you can contact your doctor, so he may make it according to your body needs and requirements. Your diet is sorted now. Then comes the timing, never skip your breakfast. And try to complete your dinner before 8 p.m. It will help your body to digest well and also your body will function well.


Don't underestimate the power of Water. Drink minimum 8 glasses of water per day and try to increase it according to weather. Have more water in summers, up to 16 glasses. It will improve your skin quality and will also remove all the toxins from your body. Keeping body clean and hydrated.


Be active, make it a rule of your life. No matter what your age is always have some physical activities in your life.

If you are a teenager opt for some outdoor games, swimming etc. so they may keep you active.

If you are at your 20s go for some exercises, Gym, Cardio exercises, or any of your preferred physical activity it can be any sports like football, basketball, tennis etc.

At your 30s you need to opt for strength and cardiovascular training. This is the age where people are too busy in career building and family so need to be very careful from this age and onwards. Try HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), use staircase instead of lift, use cycle instead of bikes, prefer walk than any vehicle if possible. By making such small chances in your routine you can feel so much changes in your health.

If you are a gym person at your 40s so well and good you are on track. But if you are not then add running or even brisk walk in your routine, and keep track of your diet. Because from this age and onwards the chances of having health issues are at high risk.

From your 50s and onwards you need to be careful about your diet and physical activity. At this age you might have been surrounded by some health issues like diabetics, hypertension, heart issues so need to tackle them with lots of care and attention.


You might laugh on this suggestion but believe me surround yourself with positivity and positive people then feel the difference. Try to be the reason of peoples laugh, happiness and their solutions you will feel the positivity in yourself. This will impact your mental health and gradually your physical health too.


You need to quit smoking, alcohol, tobacco or anything having nicotine in high content. These all are your killers. They are slow poison which is killing you day-by-day. They are the reason of some of the most danger diseases like cancer, lung diseases, heart diseases, mouth diseases and much more.


Insomnia is one of the common arising issue now-a-days. So don't let your sleep get disturb at any cost because it itself is a reason of many other problems and health issues. Life is full of tragedies and adventures so don't let them to disturb you. Do meditations and keep yourself relax and calm.