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Father's Day – How to Surprise Him?

Father's Day – How to Surprise Him?

Father's Day is celebrated every year on the third Sunday of June. This year it is going to be observed on the 20th of June. It is basically celebrated to honor “Fatherhood”. The efforts and sacrifices of fathers for the sake of his children and family are countless. He earns, protects, safeguard, and makes limitless sacrifices for his family single-handedly.

The history behind the celebration of this day is more than a century old. It was first observed and celebrated in 1910. Sonora Smart Dodd has founded the pillar for Father's Day celebration in the remembrance of her father who was a sergeant in the United States Army. Public holidays are observed on this day in different countries like Australia, Estonia, Lithuania, Samoa, some parts of Spain, etc.

How to Surprise him?

We can not only celebrate this day for our fathers but can also acknowledge the love and sacrifices of our grandfathers, father-in-law, step-father or even any relative who acted as your father when you were in need. Basically, this day is the acknowledgement day for all the love, care, support and sacrifices that are given to you from your father. Here comes the part where we are going to share the ways in which you can surprise your father.

1- Throw a surprise dinner party

Having a get together party is one of the old and most liked surprises. You can surprise your father by throwing a surprise party and invite his parents (if alive), siblings and all his children (if living somewhere else). It can be a family get together at home or you can arrange a dinner at his favorite restaurant. Meeting his loved ones, at his favorite place, with his favorite food would definitely make his day a day to remember.

2- Invite his old friends and surprise him

The haphazard life routine makes it nearly impossible for the fathers to maintain their social life. They don't have enough time or they are old enough that they do not meet their old friends often. So, invite them all and give him a surprise. This would make him feel special and will make him happy

3- Write a thanks giving letter for him

Give your feelings a word. Write it on the letter and give it to him. Share your feelings for him, his efforts he made for you and the family, his love and care when you were low, and share some happy or emotional moments in it. Write to him what you are not able to tell him till now, it could be just the feeling of love for him, and share with him how important his presence is for you. In short, write your emotions for him on the paper and gift him. It would definitely be loved by him.

4- Gift him, his most favorite or awaited thing

You can give him his most favorite thing, like any musical instrument he loves, any gadgets he is dreaming of, any book he is waiting for, any furniture item he needs the most. Recall yourself, which thing will surprise him and make him happy.  

5- Renovate his room or fix the problematic area of the room

If your father's room needs attention, pay attention to it. If it needs a new paint, paint it. New furniture, buy it. Hence, look into the room and find out the necessary changes it requires and fix them. If it's all already fixed, you can replace his uncomfortable mattress with a comfy one, the broken chair to the new relaxing chair. Or find out any problematic area in the room and fix it for him. Maybe he needs a new AC, or a TV, maybe his commode needs to be changed and much more. Make efforts to solve his problem.

6- Make any of his old wish come true

Make your father's old wish into a reality. He spent all his life fulfilling your wishes and needs. It's your time now to fulfill his wishes which he neglected. Maybe he dreamed of any car, or a watch, or a gadget, or a place to visit. Or maybe he wanted a garden or a library at his home. Figure out his most awaited wish and try to fulfill it.

7- Arrange a trip for him

Arrange a trip with him to his favorite place or the place where he dreamed of visiting. The time you will spend with him will make his time precious and make him feel good. He will feel proud to have you as his child. Make the trip a memorable trip. Do all the fun activities, which involves him as well and make this trip his most memorable one.

8- Gift him a thing which makes his life easy

Look at your father and find out the daily life problems he faced due to his health conditions or any other reasons and solve them. Maybe he needs a mobile phone to communicate, or an earpiece to hear properly, or a wheelchair for long distance travel, or a stick to walk with support, or his spectacles need to be upgraded. This will make him happy that you realized his need and problem, and made an effort to solve it.

9- Spent time with him

If you are the one who is so busy in his own life that you do not get time to spend with your father then this would be a great idea to spend quality time with him. Take a day off, make or order his favorite dishes, play his favorite games, or spend time with his hobby, or take him to the place where he loves to spend time. Spend the whole day with him, your quality time is his biggest gift.

10- Change his wardrobe

Look into his wardrobe and make necessary changes. Fathers are careless in nature when it comes to their own care. Especially when it comes to their wardrobe, they do not pay attention to it. Buy new clothes for him, discard the old ones which are torn or not able to wear any more. Arrange the wardrobe according to the weather so he may easily find out which suit to wear. This will reduce their workload and will make him feel special.

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