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6 Tech Solutions that Make Gardening Work a Breeze

6 Tech Solutions that Make Gardening Work a Breeze

Gardening is one of the oldest hobby and a therapy for a better health. This is time consuming and takes a lot of efforts to accomplish. Even a lot science and logics are involved behind it. But we are now living in a 21st century where technology has set foot in every field. So hardship should not make barrier to do this job. Technology can offer you smart solutions approximately in every field even for the job like gardening. You can easily get bunch of smart gadgets and tools to maintain everything in your Gardens and can easily take care of your plants with much less effort.

We are sharing the 6 best gardening gadgets that will make your hobby more satisfying.

1 - FYTA Beam - Plant Sensor

The FYTA beam, a smart plant sensor that gives your plants a voice and it helps you to look after your plants in smart way. It can be used by placing it into your plants soil and it will give results according to its database comparisons. It should be connected through Bluetooth on your smartphone for updated instant details.

  • It can measure soil moisture, light intensity, air temperature and even the soil nutrition levels around the plant.
  • It has built-in solar cells to function.
  • It will also offer you educational tutorials and other content which will inspire you to take care of your plant to the next level.

2 - GROVIO - Care taker of your plant in your absence

If you are someone who loves gardening and travelling simultaneously so no need to worry. Grovio is a perfect solution for your in-house plants. It can take care of your plants when you are not at home.

Grovio is a device which will help you take care of your house plants with great ease. It is a smart watering system that waters plant when necessary and controls the water level as much water as needed to grow plant properly.

It monitors plant's growth, plant's health in real time and keeps track of moisture, air humidity, and temperature so your plants can talk with you anytime.

It can take care of your plants for up to 45 days as it can detect when your plants need to be watered. So you can go for a vacation without worrying about your plants. Also you can check and water your plants on its connected application while you are away.

Grovio is powered by a four AA batteries so it can be moved anywhere. You can place your plant and Grovio together and even you can manage three plants pot simultaneously with its individual watering system.

3 - MAKITA hedge trimmer - a cordless trimmer

MAKITA hedge trimmer is the largest cordless trimmer for your garden. It works independently without electric supply. So you can use it anywhere either for your home garden or even for the maintenance of big gardens or parks.

It is powered by two 18-volt lxt batteries so you can get 36 volt performance. It has a compact and ergonomic design with only 39 inches long.
It can be fully charged within 45 minutes. It's 18 volt little and dual batteries have the fastest charging time in their categories so you can spend more time working and less time sitting on the charger.

Makita provides less emission and less maintenance as there is no engine oil to change, no sparkplugs to replace, no need to drain the fuel and no air filter to clean.

The hedge trimmer comes with a 55.5 inch blade trimmer and the built-in motor delivers 1800 spm for increased cutting speed. It has two 5 ampere hour batteries that powers it for up to 60 minutes on high settings under load.

It comes with six speed dial that allows you to match the speed of the application according to your need.

4 - Eve aqua - smart water controller

Eve aqua smart water controller is the solution to tour watering the plant timely. It turns your outdoor faucet into an intelligent water outlet that keeps your garden green and clean. Eve aqua features built-in schedules, all you need is just make a schedule of your watering timing and water amount and your garden will get water regularly. You can go for a long trip without worrying about your garden.

Its auto-shutoff mechanism prevents your garden from flooding and frees you from clock-watching. You can automatically activate or shut off this controller with your iPhone, iPad, Apple watch and even Siri voice commands.

The application also tracks how much water has been consumed every day so you can be affordable on using water. Eve aqua comes with the handy child lock which prevents your garden from unwanted watering. Its IPx4 water resistance also comes with Australian certified UV protection. The Eve aqua comes with two replaceable AA batteries and it's so easy to install with average service online.

5 - VonHaus - Electric rotary lawnmower

Grass cutting is one of the task that takes place around thrice a month in an average. So if you are having a garden along with grass so maintaining the overall look of the grass is one of the weekly task. So for that we came up the VonHaus Electric rotary lawnmower, it can function admirably on most types of lawn surfaces from flat yurts to slopping terrains.

It comes with a powerful 1200 watt motor which provides 3,500 rotations per minute and enables you to run this device with full speed. It provides a rugged metal 32 centimeters wide blade with three cutting height settings of 5 millimeter, 30 millimeter and 60 millimeter.

The connected power cable extends up to 10 meter long so you can easily operate it on your garden and move it easily. VonHaus comes with an average 30 little grass box that means you can spend more time on mowing and spend less time entering the loads of grass.

Due to the lightweight design and wide wheel system it produces incredible output when you are about to move the rotary lawn mower flawlessly. If the weight is priority and you want powerful lawn mower for you then this product is for you.

6 - iHarvest - a home gardening with less space

Have no space to set up your home garden at home?

This is the best solution for you, the iHarvest. The home gardening device that comes with vertical design and a hassle-free indoor gardening system. It helps you to grow up to 30 plants and vegetables in only 2.5 square feet of space.

iHarvest is easy to use and can be set up in any corner of your room. It grows plants 30 to 50 percent faster than any traditional methods. So you will be able to grow herb, fruits and vegetables sooner than any typical garden.

It uses less herbicides, less pesticides and generates less waste. You need to simply place the seeds in the net cups, filled with water and nutrients then watch your plants bloom and grow easily. As lights and watering cycle are fully automated so you do not have to worry about anything.

iHarvest trellis system supports any hanging or grasping plants while the energy-efficient LED lamps provide your garden natural beauty with the stunning full spectrum arrangement of light. If you want a gardening system that is healthy for you and your family then this product is for you.

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