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Independence Day is celebrated in America on 4th of July. On this day, federal holiday is observed in United States of America in order to celebrate the Independence Day. Why is this day celebrated as an Independence Day? And what actually happened on the 4th of July in 1776?
Here we are going to answer these questions and much more to remind you the history behind this day.

History of Independence

It was started from the Battles of Lexington and Concord (Mass.) on April,1775. It was the conflict between the colonists and the British troops. The conflict continued for about an year and finally it resolved in the month of July,1776. The idea for independence was proposed in the month of June earlier by the Richard Henry Lee. It was then voted by the Second Continental Congress on 2nd of July,1776 to approve the resolution of independence which was then accepted by the Congress on 4th of July,1776. Then a legal document was drafted to declare it officially on papers.

Who drafted the document which was further approved by the Congress?

The official document or the initial draft was written by Thomas Jefferson which was afterwards got modified and more organized by three of the men John Adams, Benjamin Franklin along with the Thomas Jefferson. This document got approved on 4th of July,1776 which is now remembered as the Independence Day of America.
This was the historical document that played an important role to give the American’s their freedom. It was the document that got approved to ensure the independence officially on papers.

What actually happened on 4th of July,1776?

On 4th of July, the 13 colonies of America who were under the control and power of British rule, got independence from the British rulership. All the 13 colonies altogether were declared as a separate state. They were accepted to be a separate part from the British ruling boundaries, and it was accepted that they are free to make their own decisions and going to have all the rights that an independent state enjoys.
From then onwards, this day is remembered as the Independence Day of America. Although it took several months to declare on the official papers.

When was it declared official on papers?

The official signature and declaration of the independence of Americans from the Britishers were made on 2nd of August,1776.

How is the Independence Day celebrated?

Initially this day was celebrated as a national day with the parades, salutes and paying tributes to the soldiers who fought for the freedom. Then in 1779, this was celebrated by giving holiday. Then in 1781, the state legislature, Massachusetts General Court recognized this day as the state celebration. Then from 1783, entertainment factor got involved in the celebrations in the form of Music. Then in 1870, unpaid holiday was started in order to celebrate this day. Then in 1938, it became a paid federal holiday.
Now, finally with so many additions, this day is celebrated in America in a very fun way. People celebrate this day with different festivals, games, fireworks, bonfires, parade, reunions, parties, national ceremonies and much more. Fireworks are the special things that are held in approximately all part of every state (Even in some states its ban as well due to safety reasons and security). Streets, houses, buildings are decorated with balloons, ribbons, and flags. People host dinners and parties to celebrate this day. Federal holiday is observed on this day, which includes a day off in all the non-essential federal sectors. Different officials and non-officials’ functions are conducted. A “Salute to the Union” which is a one gun shot is fired at noon on the Independence Day on military base.
The first week of July is considered as the week of celebrations which involves many activities and usually occurs in the weekends which makes it more interesting as people extent it to their trips or some long celebrations of 2-3 days.
Apart from the celebrations, this day is also spent in the remembrance that the day of 4th of July 1776 was the beginning of their freedom and free life which was due to the efforts of their ancestors and forefathers. They not only celebrate this day with different fun activities but also pay thanks and tribute to their ancestors who did an inevitable job for them.

Who was John Hancock and for what he is famous for?

John Hancock was the President of the Congress. He was the man behind, who did the official signature to declare the independence of the 13 colonies from the British Empire. He was the man who signed it first out of 56 delegates to declare the independence officially, that’s the reason he is famous for his historic signature.
The fun fact is that it was written in bold letters with large font that it can be easily read from naked eyes.