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Halloween’s Special Spooky Feast

Halloween’s Special Spooky Feast
When the moon turns red
And darkness at its best 
Spirits patrol the world 
To let the boredom burn. – anonymous 

Halloween is just arriving by bringing all the spooky vibes together and smashing you with its spine-tingling festivities. Other than focusing on costumes, decorations, makeup, and shopping, there is one most important preparation you overlook which is food. Apart from keeping a stash of candies, chocolates, and sweets to surprise kids after trick or treat fun game, you have to churn out your mind to come up with spectacular spooky feast ideas. If you are an extrovert, there are chances that you might be planning to throw a Halloween party at your place and still scratching your head that you must be done for the food. Take a chill pill because we are here to rescue and pull you out of such situations. In the piece of content, you will get to see the best meal ideas, dessert, side dishes and drink ideas to spruce up your Halloween party. In fact, you will get the recommendation of the best shopping places from where you can do groceries at oh-so-amazing rates. 

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Halloween Party Meals 

Halloween Dinner

Halloween is there to set your souls on adventures, thrills, and fun so we decided to spice it up for you by suggesting yummlicious meal ideas. 

Tempting Monster Burgers 

Burgers bring their own vibes to any place they set up to eat and giving it a monstrous touch for this Halloween would be interesting. These burgers are easy to prepare and take almost 15 to 20 minutes whereas, simple to decorate like a monstrous one. You can garnish the burgers the way you prefer to give them a monstrous feel. 

Gutsy Pizza Crack and Share Try 

Halloween disrupts the creative block of your mind and you come out with incredible celebration ideas. Take a try and put a huge gut-sized bread in between and pour blood-red tomato sauce in it and drizzle loads of cheese for a spicy, creamy flavor. This gigantic try will be enough to share for 4 people. 

Witches Special 

Green is such a witchy color so bring it on this Halloween. Set up a Hansel and Gretel big pot, put some chicken broth, peas, cheese, mushrooms, pepper, and salt, and mix them well. Add cornstarch according to the consistency you need and there you go. A green, magic soup is ready to serve to guests with homemade garlic bread. 

Haunted Halloween Stuffed Peppers

You have never thought of this use of bell peppers. Take bell peppers of different colors and carved them into a Halloween face (pumpkin carved face) and stuffed them with fried minced beef, mix herbs, and shredded cheese. Put them in a beautiful glass dish and a proper meal is prepared. 

Pumpkin Pasta 

When you carved out a pumpkin, you might discard the leftover and regret wasting it. But, now you can make the most out of it. Make a fine, smooth but milky pumpkin sauce with the leftover pumpkin and add freshly boiled pasta. Add some basil leaves and you can garnish with anything you like. 

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Pumpkin Soup for Spirits

Pumpkin soup is what you need the most at this Halloween party. Make the most out of your pumpkin leftover and make a delicious soup for this spooky event. You can keep the consistency according to your taste and can add herbs and spices as you like. Adding mushrooms and broccoli would be nice to enhance the taste and flavor.  

Monstrous Meatballs with a Touch of the Wine 

This recipe is easy to make as the meatballs are the traditional ones but with a unique touch of mashed pumpkin and tomato-vine sauce. Garnish it the way your like and you are good to go. It will be a great addition to your grand Halloween supper. 

Dreadful Dessert for Witches and Warlocks 

Halloween Deserts

How can you say No to dessert? Don’t undermine your sweet cravings and get inspiration from the shared list of desserts and make all or any of these for your Halloween party. 

Thick Yummy triple-layered trifle 

With this trifle, your Halloween feast will become complete! Multilayers of spiced cake are topped and decorated with whipped cream, crispy gingersnap plain biscuits, and pumpkin and cream cheese filling. But make sure to layered everything in a beautiful glass jar without spilling off anything anywhere. 

Creepy Corn Cookies 

Creepy corn cookies will be kids' favorite if you serve them as dessert. Take candies of orange, red, and yellow color and melt them. Apply a layer of melted candy mix on graham crackers and set them aside to dry. You can add chocolate balls or colored chocolate buntings at the top for an interesting look. 

Malicious Pumpkin Sheet cake 

You can’t go wrong with pumpkin. Pumpkin dessert is beyond amazing as it tastes like a heavenly food. To make it more interesting you can garnish the cake sheet with fruits, sprinkles, and chocolates. 

Charcuterie Board

This one is a bit unique just like its name. It’s basically a fusion and sweet, sour, and spicy without losing the individuality of each food. Take a wooden board and put your favorite fried meat on it with your favorite fruits and nuts. It would enhance the taste overall if the meat would be fried with a taste of red wine. After that, add spooky elements such as fake spiders(made with dark black chocolate) and fake vampire teeth. 

Eyeball Styled Donuts 

This dessert is creepy in looks but extremely tasty when you have it. Eyeball-styled donuts are easier to make but the tricky part is to make the eyeball style. You can use red and white food colors with frosting to give donuts a scary eyeball shape. 

Boredom Buster Halloween Drinks 

Halloween Drinks

Whether it’s Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas, any feast is incomplete with them. If you don't want to take that much burden on yourself by preparing everything at home, you can set up a drink bar by asking an event planner. But, if you are excited to make this Halloween better, special and memorable than any other Halloween, do check the recommended drinks. 

Halloween Mocktail

Go for a Halloween punch by mixing cherry juice, cinnamon, chilli and ginger and put loads of ice cubes in the pitcher. Garnish it with mint leaves and add vodka for a mind-bubbling taste. If you don't want a mess at your place, better to keep it simple and sober. 

A Spooky Brew

It's time to brew up some fun. Get some beautiful blueberries, vodka, liquor (preferably raspberry) and put them in a jug, and put some edible glitters or stars for fun. How about serving it with dry nuts for a better taste?

Vampire Special 

For a night full of darkness and evil spirits, the drink should be the same. Make this shockingly amazing vampire special drink for your folks. It’s simply easy to make. Just mix raspberry liquor, vodka, and champagne and there is nothing you have to do more to make it. 

Best Places to Shop Grocery  

Grocery On Halloween

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Halloween Check! 

This Halloween, try to help needy ones, make new friends and be more cooperative and understanding for people around you because spreading happiness is the motto of humankind. 

Happy Halloween folks!